List of Recomended Books about UNIX

Before you take a look at the following list I would like to make a few comments.
1. Some of these books are specialized and not introductory.
2. Some of these books carry copyrights.
3. Some of these books are converted from HTML to pdf by Acrobat Writer.

Visit the Linux Documentation Project to find a set of wonderful books.


The books are organised in 6 categories :
Security Related Books and Studies, Network Programming, General Programming,
Literature, UNIX, X-Windows Programming

For your convenience, I have also placed 3 more groups of documents, namely:
The Linux HOWTOs, Linux Mini-HOWTOs and Linux Other-HOWTOs

Security Related Books and Studies

Hack Kit 2.0b text  The best hacker's guide around. Potential System Administrators MUST read it.
Unix System Administration Independent Learning - USAIL html An interactive administrator's guide.
Hacking UNIX text  Very old book, history !
Improving the Security in Your UNIX System pdf A good book but introductory.
The Neophytes Guide to Hacking text An old book, history !
Unix Configuration Guidelines (from CERT) text  All in one, contains many links. A quick Sys Admin's Checklist.
UNIX Security Checklist text The Sys Admin's checklist (a kind of old )
WWW Security FAQ (w3w) html A very good booklet.
Simple Active Attack Against TCP text  The theory.
An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security pdf A nice booklet. Worth reading.
Beginners Guide to Hacking UNIX text A good introduction.
Securing NIS (YP) pdf How to secure the most insecure service.
Linux Administrator's Security Guide html  And what about Linux?


Network Programming

Digital UNIX Network Programers' Guide pdf A complete book about network programming. Includes many samples. Outstanding.
Sockets Programming doc (WORD97)  Chapter 4 of the above book
Socket FAQ text All you want to ask about socket programming
Remote Procedure Calls and the Client/Server Model pdf  All the theory you want to know about RPC.
Security Options for Distributed Settings pdf Read it.
Introduction to RPC Programming (IRIX) text A simple introduction to what RPC is and how to make your first steps.
Remote Procedure Calls - Initiative text Some history information
RPC the Next Best Thing to Being There text An RFC discussing RPC issues
Digital Unix Programming with ONC RPC  pdf A very detailed book. Suitable for both learning and reference.
Overview of RPC pdf An introductory book from Schmidt.
PGP in a Nutshell 2.5 text  About PGP encryption
The CORBA Specification pdf The complete reference of the CORBA architecture and Specification. Huge!
The Object: CORBA Basics (Tutorial) pdf A tutorial seat for beginers in CORBA.


General Programming

Digital UNIX Guide to Realtime Programming pdf  It might be for Digital's UNIX but you will understand all the basic consepts. Worth reading.
Digital UNIX Asynchronous Transfer Mode pdf  Perhaps too much specialized and complicated. Anyone who knows about ATM might find it usefull.
Thinking in JAVA html , pdf An excelent book for JAVA, 2nd Edition, code zipped here
Low Level Security in JAVA pdf from SUN
JAVA Security pdf  from SUN
JAVA Security Whitepaper pdf  from SUN
The JAVA Environment pdf from SUN
Thinking in C++ pdf An excelent book for C++
UML v1.1, Notation Guide pdf If you want to learn UML, this is the book !
Writing Linux Device Drivers pdf From - Very simple book whith the first things that you want to know about Linux device drivers.
RTF Specification pdf No Coments.
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide pdf Some very good guidlines. Worth reading.
The unix programming environment html A very interesting book about shell programming, Perl, C, makefiles etc etc ... Read it !
The Linux Programmer's Guide  html  The Linux version, brewing since 1995
The Linux Kernel Programming Guide  html  So you want to be a Real Programmer? Look at this 1999 book
Programming shell scripts  pdf Learn some guru spells.

Take a look at  Digital's list of online books (currently Compaq's)  they contain programming and reference guides for anyone.


X-Windows Programming

X Window System, The Complete Reference to Xlib, X Protocol, ICCCP, XLFD pdf A worth having book. But not for introduction.
Inside LessTiff  pdf A complete guide to using LessTiff, be aware that it requires some previows programming experience.
OpenGL and X - An Introduction pdf The first book of the series. All of them introductory and very well written.
OpenGL and X - Using OpenGL with Xlib pdf An interesting book with some simple examples.
OpenGL and X - Integrating OpenGl with Motif  pdf For those of you who also have Motif...
XPM the X PixMap Format pdf Read and learn about the standard.
The x-lib manual html Quick and detailed reference using HTML
X Window System Protocol, MIT X Consortium Standard  X Version 11, Release 5 pdf Read the original documentation and specification.
Xlib - C Language X Interface, MIT X Consortium Standard X Version 11, Release 5 pdf Read the original documentation and specification.



The Hacker Crackdown pdf A nice book about the gone days of hacking.
An Evening with Berfered In Which a Cracker is Lured,
Endured and Studied
pdf The story of a Sys Admin who tried to trace a Hacker.
There Be Dragons pdf Classic.



Configuring IP Routing pdf  A bit specialized
UNIX is a four letter word and VI is a two leter abreviation pdf Learning VI ?
Digital Unix Performance Manager pdf A nice book but not everything applies to other UN*Xs
The Linux System Administrators' Guide html  You want to be a System Administrator?
The Linux Kernel Guide html  A book on the Linux Kernel
Linux Complete Command Reference pdf Everything ... User Commands, System Calls, File Formats ... A huge 1527 page book. A MUST HAVE.